'The Mash Report' Cancelled by the BBC over Its "Left-Wing Bias"

'The Mash Report' Cancelled by the BBC over Its 'Left-Wing Bias'
The Mash Report — arguably one of the best and most important comedy shows to come out of the UK in recent years — has been cancelled.

Today, the BBC said it had needed "to make difficult decisions" in order "to make room for new comedy shows." As such, the broadcaster has axed the satirical news program led by British comedian Nish Kumar.

However, many view the show's cancellation as a direct result of its so-called "left-wing bias" — something that BBC's recently appointed director general Tim Davie promised to stamp out.

In response to the cancellation, Kumar offered the following statement: Over the years, The Mash Report had repeatedly made headlines in the UK for its cutting observations, often drawing more than its fair share of criticism — especially from conservative Britain. Like the time they showed us Piers Morgan eating the ass of Donald Trump.

In addition to Kumar, The Mash Report starred the likes of Rachel Parris, Ellie Taylor, Andrew Hunter Murray, Geoff Norcott and Jason Forbes, as well as featured regular appearances from Desiree Burch, Ahir Shah and Catherine Bohart.

The Mash Report ran for four seasons — the most recent of which was done during lockdown. However, the show will now no longer be coming back for a fifth season.

Former BBC presenter Andrew Neil had previously condemned The Mash Report as "self-satisfied, self-adulatory, unchallenged left-wing propaganda."

A "source" speaking to The Sun today also stated, "This will be music to ears of telly fans. For four series, viewers have sat through Nish's 'comedy' with an undoubted left-wing spin.

"Tim promised tough measures — and he has stuck to his guns. The Mash Report is no more and there won't be many people mourning it."

A quick look on Twitter, however, shows the complete opposite of that, with the likes of Richard Herring, David Schneider and other prominent British voices showing some real disdain about the show's cancellation.

You can find a few of those reactions below.