Did ​Lebron James Really Tell Reese Witherspoon "You're My Hero?"

Or was it all a prank by 'SNL' alumnus Jon Rudnitsky?
Did ​Lebron James Really Tell Reese Witherspoon 'You're My Hero?'
The characters that Reese Witherspoon portrays on screen have long been role models for aspiring lawyers, country singers and Pacific Crest Trail hikers, but could it be that the actress herself is an idol to arguably the greatest basketball player of all time?
Lebron James appears to have revealed himself as a fan of the 'Spoon thanks to a personalized autographed photo that reads: "Reese — you're my hero."
Obviously, Witherspoon was pleased with the designation, taking to Twitter to share the framed memento and reciprocate the kind words.
In addition to getting plenty of love on social media, the photo is being reported as a true fact by outlets like MTV News and ET.

Upon closer inspection, though, it appears the whole thing may have just been a big prank by Witherspoon's Home Again co-star and former Saturday Night Live cast member Jon Rudnitsky.
A slightly extended Instagram caption finds Witherspoon adding, "Hey @jonrudnitsky, this looks like your handwriting" with an accusatory thinking face emoji.

Real or not, we can't blame Witherspoon for wanting to believe that King James crowned her his hero.
Home Again is slated to hit theatres September 8. Watch a trailer below.