Alexisonfire Pledge All Earnings from "Complicit" to Fight Systemic Racism

The band are donating over $11,000 to anti-racist organizations
Alexisonfire Pledge All Earnings from 'Complicit' to Fight Systemic Racism
Alexisonfire have announced plans to donate all of the earnings from their 2019 single "Complicit" to charities and organizations fighting racial inequality.

The song, which arrived just over a year ago, is about "recognizing the unfair advantages" that the band have been afforded as white, heterosexual males. Since its release, Alexisonfire have earned over $11,000 from the track, all of which — as well as any further sales on related merchandise — they plan to split between the Canadian Civil Liberties Association, Black Lives Matter Toronto and Black Youth Pathway to Industry.

According to a Twitter thread posted earlier today, the band will continue to do their part in smashing "the pillars of the white heteropatriarchy until the ruins are sand," in the wake of ongoing racial injustices In Canada and around the world. 

"Alexisonfire have had a lot of discussions as to what our response should be to George Floyd's murder and larger discussions of racial inequality both here and abroad," they wrote in the thread. "We have benefited from a system that is inherently stacked in our favour: a system of racism, sexism, homophobia and transphobia."

They added: "The five members of this band stand steadfast, yet imperfect, in our commitment to be better allies."

Alexisonfire's last studio album, Old Crows / Young Cardinals, was released back in 2009. Last year, before the release of "Complicit," they shared their first new material in 10 years with a single titled "Familiar Drugs."

Read the band's message below.