Amelia Curran "Blackbird" (Pinball Sessions video)

Amelia Curran 'Blackbird' (Pinball Sessions video)
Maritimes folk veteran Amelia Curran returned with They Promised You Mercy earlier this month, but she delved into her back catalogue for a recent video for Pinball Sessions.

In a cozy, living room-esque studio, she delivers a charming, full-band rendition of "Blackbird" from 2012's Spectators. You can watch video footage of the performance below and head over here to listen to the entire audio session, which also features "The Modern Man" and "What Will You Be Building."

The folks over at Pinball Sessions describe Curran's lyrics as "those of a 21st century Shakespeare, with the sensibility of a Newfoundlander and the power of a woman whose pen is her purpose." It's strong, but deserved praise that encapsulates her captivating songwriting style.

The Promised You Mercy is out now via Six Shooter Records, and you can read a recent Exclaim! interview with the songstress over here.