Badminton Racquet "High Wives" (Pinball Sessions video)

Badminton Racquet 'High Wives' (Pinball Sessions video)
Math-y duo Badminton Racquet are among the performers at Guelph, ON's Stay Out of the Mall XIII, and the duo are getting ready by sharing a performance for the locally based Pinball Sessions.

This video clip shows the guitar/drums twosome smashing their way through the frantic instrumental "High Wives." They pile frenzied, heavy riffs atop angular rhythms, with lots of sudden structural shifts and even a little bit of looping. It ends with some abstract, dissonant pedal work.

Check it out below. Stay Out of the Mall XIII takes place on December 11 and 12, with Badminton Racquet appearing at Ebar on the second night. Read up on the fest here.