DeWalta & Shannon Parterre du Quartier des Spectacles, Montreal QC, May 30

DeWalta & Shannon Parterre du Quartier des Spectacles, Montreal QC, May 30
Photo: Caroline Hayeur
With the constant threat of rain and extreme humidity, having the third EXPÉRIENCE event still take place outdoors was a gamble, but one that paid off immediately once Mike Shannon and David Koch took to the stage to perform their live set as DeWalta & Shannon. Unlike some of the outdoor performances the past few days, where revellers basked in the musical glow in a more subdued fashion, everyone was already standing and dancing minutes into their set — including a large family contingency introducing MUTEK to the next generation of attendees.
DeWalta & Shannon provided the perfect afternoon pick me up before another packed night, and somehow managed to keep the clouds at bay. Just as a few drops started to appear, the clouds parted and the sun peered out, as DeWalta smoothly played the saxophone and Shannon kept things bouncy. Their set was light and breezy, and offered something for everyone — even the less electronically inclined. A buddy came onstage to join them on the keys, adding the perfect complement to their already jazzy set.
On the outdoor stage, it's important to hit that all important balance between MUTEK's artistic seriousness and the necessary levity needed to intrigue audiences and compel them to finally make the leap to official festivalgoer, something DeWalta & Shannon had absolutely no problem doing. They kept the easygoing vibe right 'til the end, setting the scene for the bombastic multi-instrumental set by Nortec Collective that followed.