Exclaim!'s 2014 in Lists: Top 20 Most Anticipated Albums of 2015

Exclaim!'s 2014 in Lists: Top 20 Most Anticipated Albums of 2015
We've ranked all of our favourite albums of the year, but this list is nearly as important: It's a ranking of the most hotly anticipated albums of 2015. These are the records that will occupy our minds, iPods and turntables over the next 12 months.

Many of the 20 upcoming albums on this list have full details, including titles, release dates and lead singles. Others, however, have only been hinted at. But barring any expected delays — Grimes, we're looking at you — we should hear all of these at some point in 2015.

And considering the precedent set by Beyoncé, Thom Yorke, Skrillex and others, it's entirely possible that any of these albums without concrete details could be released at a moment's notice. Scroll down to follow along with Exclaim!'s list of the most exciting upcoming albums of the upcoming year.

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Top 20 Most Anticipated Albums of 2015:

20. Disappears
(Kranky Records)
Release Date: January 19

Chicago post-rock combo Disappears once again look to blend Krautrock and post-punk sounds on Irreal, and this latest LP has been called "a master class in texture, pace and control" — something we've already heard in preview cuts "Another Thought" and "Halcyon Days."

19. METZ
Title TBA
(Label TBA)
Release Date: TBA

In 2013, METZ told MTV that they hoped to have their sophomore album out by 2014. It didn't quite pan out like that, but we're optimistic that the Toronto noise rockers will make up for it in 2015. They've speculated that the new LP might have " sludgy, grimier tunes."

18. Siskiyou
(Constellation Records)
Release Date: January 20

Siskiyou aren't the most famous group on this list, but they're poised to make a big statement with Nervous. Not only does it feature indie stars like Colin Stetson and Owen Pallett, but opener "Deserter" is an authoritative blend of chamber rock grandeur and unsettling folk spookiness.

17. Dan Mangan + Blacksmith
Club Meds
(Arts & Crafts)
Release Date: January 13

Dan Mangan used to be an acoustic troubadour, but now he's the leader of his band Blacksmith, and they're taking his songs in a more experimental, atmospheric direction on Club Meds. "Club Meds is about sedation," Mangan has said. "It seems like everybody else is already at the party and that life is somehow easier or more fun under the fog. But instead, it only makes people feel more alone, more dangerous, more desperate."

16. Pusha T
King Push
(Label TBA)
Release Date: TBA

Rapper Pusha T is apparently working extensively with Kanye West on his latest album, and Yeezy is even serving as executive producer. While Pusha's 2013 album My Name Is My Name had a starkly minimal aesthetic, he promised this record would "infuse more elements of music."

15. Modest Mouse
Strangers to Ourselves
(Label TBA)
Release Date: March 3

We had pretty much given up on Modest Mouse, considering how many years they've been promising a new album. But with a new single finally revealed and Strangers to Ourselves on the way, we'll finally hear what they've been working on with Krist Novoselic and Big Boi.

14. Joey Bada$$
(Cinematic Music Group/Pro Era)
Release Date: January 20

Joey Bada$$ has been in the game for a couple of years, meaning that B4.DA.$$ is hotly anticipated. But before you get too excited, remember that Joey told Exclaim! this: "Expectations ruin everything. If people just accepted more things and expected less, we'd be in a better world."

13. Cancer Bats
Searching for Zero
(New Damage Records)
Release Date: March 10

Ontario metalcore stalwarts Cancer Bats have reportedly been through the wringer lately, enduring non-stop touring and the deaths of people close to the band. They're coming through this tough time with Searching for Zero, which is said to be "the most melodic, yet menacing Cancer Bats release."

12. Belle and Sebastian
Girls in Peacetime Want to Dance
(Matador Records)
Release Date: January 20

We normally associate Belle and Sebastian with gazing wistfully out the window or lying around with a book. But dancing? The Glaswegian indie pop legends are going in a slightly more propulsive, synth-heavy direction with their latest album, as we heard on preview track "The Party Line."

11. Björk
Title TBA
(Label TBA)
Release Date: TBA

Björk skipped out on the premiere of her film Biophilia Live back in the fall, and while this was undoubtedly a bummer for those in attendance, it was for a very good reason: the celebrated Icelandic oddball was working on her new album. At this point, what it will sound like is anyone's guess, but apparently Arca is co-producing it, so we're anticipating good things.