Gordi Clever Disguise

Gordi Clever Disguise
Gordi's Clever Disguise takes its listeners on a bittersweet lyrical journey of life's trials, small graces and uncertainties.
"Nothing's As It Seems" opens the album on what sounds like a positive note, with an uplifting beat, sunny synths and quick strumming but, setting a precedent for the rest of the EP, Gordi's lyrics reflect a darkness about life and the dangers of hope that contradict the song's positive sound. Lyrics like "Paint your face on with a smile / Say to them 'Don't worry'" and "You can't shake the shadow above / that's following you out into the night" confront the struggle to persevere through darkness. The idea that everyone is putting on a brave face haunts this song, reflecting its title perfectly.
Gordi's clearly a fan of Bon Iver, given how similar her vocal layering is to that of Justin Vernon, especially when she sings, "Go on and get out of my head / or stay, tell me something instead." On the EP's single "Can We Work It Out," Gordi struggles with "wrestling" her "instincts to keep at bay," but on "Wanting," she seems to agree to let herself give in, expressing the idea that taking chances is a part of life: "I don't know how this ends, if it never starts."
Clever Disguise gracefully combines electronic and folk elements, but while synths, acoustic guitar and prominent drum machines make up the majority of the album's sounds, it's Gordi's bright and powerful vocals that complete the EP. While this artist still has a long journey ahead, Clever Disguise marks a strong debut for Gordi. (Jagjaguwar)