Mathew Jonson Parterre du Quartier des Spectacles, Montreal QC, May 28

Mathew Jonson Parterre du Quartier des Spectacles, Montreal QC, May 28
Photo: Courtney Baird-Lew
The free outdoor series is Mutek's daily gift to the people. Blending local artists and emerging international talent alike, these are the perfect primer for the night's more experimental fare, attracting festival attendees and curious passers-by alike. On hand for Thursday's final outdoor set was West coast native, Berlin transplant, and multi-hyphenate Mathew Jonson
Through his various projects — Cobblestone Jazz, Midnight Operator, the Modern Deep Left Quartet — Jonson explores the multiple facets of the electronic scene with a rare deftness and passion. Just watching him bobbing around behind the decks at the outdoor stage is enough to make anyone giddy with happiness.
While clearly just a coincidence, you could imagine that Jonson's infectious energy managed to bring out the sun just in time for his set. Mixing up a perfect balance of gritty synths and crisp clicks, he created a strong funk vibe that could be felt throughout the crowd. With a blend of minimal and acid techno, the set hit a '90s throwback note without ever feeling dated. The diversity of the crowd attested to his ability to please just about anyone, from the breakdancing kid up front to the retired couple hanging out back. He kept most people on their feet throughout, with almost everyone in attendance doing a little dance at one point or another.
It was a nice respite from some of the more dense and challenging sets that would follow that evening, but Jonson's set never veered into the mundane or the predictable and instead brought everyone to his level.