Mt. Rave Fifth World

Mt. Rave Fifth World
Directly recalling avant-garde composer Jon Hassell's fourth world music, an aesthetic he described as "a unified primitive/futuristic sound combining features of world ethnic styles with advanced electronic techniques," this debut statement from Slowciety braintrusts Clint and 6tizen — collectively, Mt. Rave — takes the world-flattening vibe of Hassell's concept and gestures to the political concept of micro-nations: small entities that claim to be independent nations or sovereign states but are not formally recognized as such by world governments or major international organizations.
While the three original tracks on this provocatively titled EP are void of any agitprop vocal samples and not overtly political listens, they coast on new-age-y techno that bridges the title concept to the insular and inclusive social peripheries of the club — to pretty ecstatic results.
Powered along by blippy IDM arpeggios and key swells, the EP's title track glides into a roomy open-air headspace as a blissful mix of wordless vocals, handclaps and a light stomp up the tempo, while EP opener "Temple III" softly throbs into the zone on a tie-dyed hand percussion jam and "Micronesia" rings out the set in a cavernous party scene.
These are all smartly mirrored with a trio of diverse remixes, starting with Japanese, Berlin-based duo Opal Sunn's take on "Temple III," in which they fracture the track into a thumping breakbeat, its cross-legged stillness preserved only as twinkling memories as it revs up a swirling landscape. Marlon Hoffstadt's Proto Rave remix of "Fifth World" takes the track's afternoon chill and sends it into a new wave sunset on galloping bass synths and chilly swells. Kann label head Map.ache caps it off with a dizzying remix of "Micronesia" that dumps the track into a vat of hot acid, a muffled voice calling out in the background.
Like the rest of Fifth World, this is the sound of community in harmony, everyone tuning into the same wavelength and erasing the boundaries that exist beyond the dance floor. (Slowciety)