Nap Eyes Pop Montreal, Montreal QC, Sept. 28

Nap Eyes Pop Montreal, Montreal QC, Sept. 28
Photo: Steve Louie
Nap Eyes sit at an interesting moment. Their Canadian indie rock fame is well-earned, and they have a record deal, booking managers and the other infrastructure that seem so distant when you're playing living rooms.
Playing cuts off their latest album, I'm Bad Now, and some earlier favourites, they're the clear stars of the show. But as Nigel Chapman sings to the crowd, there's an acknowledgement that they don't know where all this is going. Awkwardly endearing, Chapman jokes that we're better off knowing the real him and not some cool facade, and it's refreshing.
It's "Mixer," near the end of their set, that gets the biggest cheers. They have a legitimate indie rock hit (how often does that happen anymore?) under their belts, and they're happy to oblige. They enjoy themselves so much that they veer a little off course (or a little "on the wrong side of the law" in their words), but there's no love lost from the crowd.
They just look happy to be here. They're playing to a packed house with everyone there to see them, why wouldn't they?


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