Pharis and Jason Romero Return with New Album 'Bet On Love'

Hear a pair of songs from the record now
Pharis and Jason Romero Return with New Album 'Bet On Love'
Pharis and Jason Romero have shared details of their fifth studio effort. The Juno-winning, banjo-building BC couple will release new album Bet On Love on May 15.

Eleven tracks in length, Bet On Love is said to be "a modern folk ode to the reciprocal relationships between place, people and time." The album was recorded in the duo's banjo shop outside of Horsefly, BC, with producer Marc Jenkins.

"Last December we converted our banjo workshop into a recording studio, and spent days dusting, misting and wiping down so engineer John Raham could bring in his incredible old gear," Pharis recalled in a statement. "Playing live with the musicians, we all wanted to create something that felt like a curtain of sound, with the vocals lifting over the pulse of the songs.

Two tracks from the album arrive alongside today's announcement. You can hear "New Day" and "We All Fall" in the live performance videos below.

As Pharis explains, the former is "a wish for real connection and love, with hopes for lonely societies," while the latter is "a story of rising and falling — with a young rise to pleasure, a middle-aged fall to loneliness, and the wisdom in later years to 'love what I have, and don't mind what is gone'."

Bet On Love is now available for pre-order.

Bet On Love:

1. Hometown Blues
2. New Day
3. Roll On My Friend

4. Right In The Garden
5. Bet On Love
6. New Caledonia

7. We All Fall
8. Old Chatelaine
9. A Bit Old School
10. Kind Girl
11. World Stops Turning