Tom Green Prepare for Impact

Maniacal MTV comedian Tom Green returns to his Ottawa rap roots with Prepare for Impact, which is actually his third rap album since debuting as MC Bones, one-third of the Juno-nominated Organized Rhyme, which was followed by his solo debut Not the Green Tom Show as MC Face. This time around Green is assisted by EZ Mike (aka the Dust Brothers’ Mike Simpson) whose previously-proven production skills give the album a sense of style that would probably be otherwise absent. The production, lyrics, voice and flow combine for an old school homage that brings to mind classic music by the likes of Beastie Boys, Cypress Hill, Run-DMC and even Buck 65. While Green may not win any rap battles he is a capable rapper. Of course, you can expect some juvenile songs from Green — why ever would a man in his 30s record a song called "Teachers Suck”? — but songs like "Write Rhymes and Act Like an Asshole,” "My Bum is on Ya Lips” and "I’m an Idiot” strike the middle ground between dope braggadocio raps and Green’s odd sense of humour. But what makes Prepare for Impact a truly necessary purchase is the bonus DVD documenting his Canadian mini-tour, which includes a live solo version of "Check the O.R.,” as well as videos for both "O.R.” and "Teachers Suck.” Wicked fun. (Sony BMG)