Prince's New Posthumous Track Declares It a "Hot Summer"

Hear the new song from 'Welcome 2 America'
Prince's New Posthumous Track Declares It a 'Hot Summer'
Through possible clairvoyance — considering the record-breaking temperatures — or general omnipotence, it's finally official: we're in a for a "Hot Summer." After releasing "Born 2 Die" last month, Prince's estate has shared another previously unheard song from Welcome 2 America.

Prince initially recorded the jubilant "Hot Summer" in 2010 with intent to release it in 2011— he even launched a tour of the same name that year — but it ultimately remained in the vault. A decade later, we finally get to treat ourselves to this breezy jam.

On the second season of the official Prince podcast, Welcome 2 America session musician Elisa Fiorillo shared her fond memory of playing "Hot Summer" in Prince's car following its recording: "There's nothing like driving in a car and listening to music, and I think he agreed."

Take "Hot Summer" for a spin below.

Welcome 2 America is out on July 30 via Legacy.