Rammstein Budweiser Stage, Montebello QC, June 23

Rammstein Budweiser Stage, Montebello QC, June 23
Photo: Chris Bubinas
It isn't often that German shock-rockers Rammstein make it over to Canada, given their spectacularly intricate stage show, but their performance at Montebello Rockfest was a truly one of a kind show. The band exploded on stage with a mass of fireworks and extreme strobe light fixtures as they launched into the thunderous "Ramm 4."
They took very little time to pause between tracks, simply blaring through their songs and letting their performance speak for itself. The set felt more like some sort of satanic church gathering than a concert, as the band dazed the crowd with massive clouds of smoke, intense bursts of fire and a blinding light show backed by their murderous-sounding music.
Vocalist Till Lindemann's haunting voice mesmerized the crowd as the band effortlessly switched between hard, thumping songs such as "Ich Will" and "Keine Lust," and melancholic songs like "Feuer Frei!," and even managed to fit in a cover of Depeche Mode's "Stripped."
Following over an hour of non-stop insanity, the band briefly spoke to the crowd to announce that it was lead guitarist Richard Kruspe's birthday before each member had a heart-warming moment hugging him. The band then left the stage before coming back for the three-song encore blitz of "Sonne," "Amerika" and "Engel" that closed a performance so perfectly orchestrated it felt surreal.