Sean Nicholas Savage "Empire" (video)

Sean Nicholas Savage 'Empire' (video)
Wispy moustache, quasi-orgasmic preening, and quirky pop crooning? It must be a music video from Montreal songwriter Sean Nicholas Savage.

This latest video is for for the silky smooth "Empire" from this year's Bermuda Waterfall. The first portion of the video sets a seductive mood in a lounge, and the clip eventually moves on to incorporate lavish costumes, a mermaid, a beach scene, and some nighttime snuggles.

Director Lily X said this in a statement about the video:

Sean sent me three songs to choose from and I listened to them one morning at dawn, while camping by a lake, after staying up the whole night with myself and one particular tree. I felt the lightest vibrations in the music and could feel them opening my heart. I imagined mermaids that were the opposite of sirens, they sing to release you from darkness into freedom instead of inspire you to obsession and death. So I wanted to make a video that could channel these delicate vibrations into a heart opening spell. That's what's really exciting to me, that this video is a spell, there is real vibrational magic encoded in these images.   

This video is about the moment of letting go of what you've been conditioned to believe is possible in order to cross a threshold into magic and infinity. When you allow it, the universe will perform spells for you and allow dreams to become realities and realities to become dreams. The video is also about dreaming, about sharing your stories and lives with the person you love, about knowing that you can never be separate from anyone when you release the world of reminiscences and exist in the wholeness of the moment. It is also about trusting that the painful moments of your life can be doorways into infinity — in the video Sean's character is drugged and follows a drag queen into the back of a Chinese restaurant, yet what he finds there is spirit and infinity, a mystical experience, a spell of love.

Watch it below.