Seoul "The Line" (video)

Seoul 'The Line' (video)
Having signed with Last Gang Records, dreamy Montreal pop band Seoul have already shared "The Line" from their debut album, I Become a Shade. Now, they've given that same tune a music video.

As the song begins with a twinkling, ambient synthscape, the video sets a futuristic mood by showing illuminated screens and lingering closeups on various people's faces. As the song shifts into a hazy, danceable electro-pop groove, we see cryptic shots of people staring at screens and an LED truck driving through the otherwise empty streets.

The band said in a statement, "One of the hardest parts in moving past a loss or a disappointment is how we must move our bodies away from our emotional space. The video depicts this transition from melancholy to acceptance through contrasting urban spaces, complimentary characters and the projection of self onto others and screens."

Director Derek Branscombe added, "The characters are framed against inescapable screens, bringing out the unattainable desire of connection through technology."

Watch it below. I Become a Shade comes out on June 9.