The So So Glos Kamikaze

The So So Glos Kamikaze
On Kamikaze, Brooklyn punks the So So Glos maintain the scathing, tongue-in-cheek humour evident on their 2013 album Blowout, dedicating the entire record to exploring social media, narcissism and never ending to-do lists as the band wrap their 1970s punk-indebted anthems with slightly higher production values.
"A.D.D. Life" directly attacks the use of phones as Alex Levine sings, "I need a life that I can plug in a wall" and "Tomorrow's just a yesterday's to-do list away" before inviting the listener to sing along at the chorus. The not-quite-two-minute "Magazine" finds Levine shouting "Something to read, fuck my newsfeed," while "Kings County II" finds him narrating a story about a narcissistic teenager "living in a screen."
The album is loud and quick, amped up on high-voltage electric guitar, bass and relentless drums. The Glos inject Kamikaze with the requisite party tracks "Dancing Industry" and "Going Out Swingin'," but it's the more thoughtful fare that makes the album. "Sunny Side," an acoustic-led, mid-album break featuring plenty of background vocals, is perhaps the most unique part of the album, and stands out from the rest of the songs here.
Kamikaze hits like an electric storm, shaking into its listeners the disconnection that's resulted from our over-connected world. (Votiv)