Thrice Jägermeister Stage, Montebello QC, June 20

Thrice Jägermeister Stage, Montebello QC, June 20
Photo: Rick Clifford
Understated was the performance; overwhelming was the music. While other bands overcompensate for bland music, California exploratory post-hardcore band (post-post-hardcore?) Thrice let their powerful music do the talking. The members' movements seemed dictated by the swells and crashes of their emotionally and musically heavy music.
The quartet stuck to the heavier numbers from The Artist in the Ambulance and beyond. While their major label debut's title track, "All That's Left," "Under a Killing Moon," "Silhouette" and lone Sub City track "Deadbolt" pulsed with energy, the dynamics of later weightier tracks, especially "Firebreather" and "The Arsonist," really shone through thanks to a crisp and clear, but somehow also crunchy mix.
The ground vibrated as they closed with "The Earth Will Shake" and, as it ended, the air filled with one of the loudest calls for an encore of the weekend. Unfortunately, they couldn't do so, furthering the idea that seeing Thrice play anything other than a headlining show, where they can truly dig into their diverse discography, is blasphemy. A band this great deserves everything, a point that was underscored by their humility when they soundchecked their own instruments ahead of their wonderful, though all too short, set.