Tirzah Details New Album 'Colourgrade'

Watch a video for the record's "Tectonic"
Tirzah Details New Album 'Colourgrade'
Tirzah has returned with details of a new album. The English artist will share sophomore LP Colourgrade on October 1 via Domino.

Colourgrade follows Tirzah's 2018 debut Devotion, which Exclaim! named among the Best Pop & Rock Albums of 2018.

Recorded soon after the birth of Tirzah's first child, and shortly before the birth of her second, the nine-song effort is said to be one of "recovery, gratitude and new beginnings." 

Colourgrade also features contributions from Mica Levi and Coby Sey. Album opener "Tectonic" arrives today alongside the news, and you can hear it alongside a video below.


1. Tectonic
2. Hive Mind (ft. Coby Sey)
3. Recipe
4. Beating
5. Sleeping
6. Crepuscular Rays
7. Send Me
8. Sink In
9. Hips