Waingro III

Waingro III
Nostalgia can be a strange thing. On one hand, we should always be striving and moving forward with artistic creations. At the same time, it is nice to be reminded of why so many of us fell in love with heavy music in the first place. Waingro's III is an amalgamation of all of the things that make, and continue to make, heavy music exhilarating. With a flurry of guitar solos and melodic shifts, III is a great nostalgic trip.
On III, Waingro sprinkles guitar solos all over the place; from the melodies of "Marked Cross," "The Upward Turn" and "Monaco," Waingro channel their inner Corrosion of Conformity and create some good old-fashioned classic rock guitar solos.
Being a three-piece, everything evolves around balance. When one element pulls back, another has to move to the forefront. The drumming on this record is really the glue that ties it all together. With timely fills on "Bay Area Cult," "Cardinal" and "Third Veil," the drums add subtle nuance that keeps the listener's interest peaked.
Waingro's III is a super solid record. While not reinventing the wheel, there are a lot of unexpected twists that one would not expect. If you long for huge riffs paired with notes of melody throughout, then look no further. (No List)