Witch Prophet Camp Wavelength, Toronto ON, August 19

Witch Prophet Camp Wavelength, Toronto ON, August 19
Photo: Kyle Laurin
Once promised for release in mid-2016, the campaign of anticipation behind Witch Prophet's still unreleased full-length The Golden Octave is well into overtime — but in the process, Ayo Leilani has built up a cool repertoire of cosmic, questioning neo-soul and guest-produced (Exile, Murr, Sikh Knowledge) beats to match.
The material is there, and it's powerful. So when Leilani hit the stage at Sherbourne Commons and got slammed with teary allergies and spots of blown out bass — not the ideal circumstances for the existential questions and dream zone medicine Leilani's project deals in — she and Above Top Secret bandmate DJ SunSun cast a chill on the laidback Common anyway, hipsters soaking it in from the beer garden, others lazing about on the lawn, all heads bobbing, entranced, proving that Witch Prophet's magic transcends the ghosts of audio complications and airborne irritants.
Now, it's just a matter of getting it to tape.